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As the founder of Senso, Rolf Hurbin had a vision of building something special for the lighting industry when he and his family immigrated to Canada in 1996. His lighting career began in Europe as a lighting engineer, and as a representative for one of the leading manufacturer in Europe’s lighting industry. Bringing all of this experience and knowledge with him to Canada, he worked his way into the local Alberta market as a lighting professional. Rolf imported, sold, distributed and installed his imported line of Low voltage fixtures. He noticed the winds of change starting to blow while attending “Light and Building” in Germany. Using his vast knowledge and vision, Rolf sought out the best products and materials to create his dream, Senso.

Senso is a Canadian Manufacture of LED fixtures. We represent quality, not only of design but also of customer service, R&D and customizable LED solutions. Producing our product takes a dedicated team of hardworking individuals who aspire to create and maintain a standard of excellence for product and service. With all of our products currently being built in our Canadian Manufacturing plant we have to be more competitive and cutting edge than our competition.

Light has an emotional effect on people and a direct impact on business profitability. It ultimately influences everything in our lives. Senso is a recognized leader in creating LED fixtures that provide superior aesthetics, economics and durability. Senso is a trusted partner of the global lighting design community and lighting engineers.

SENSO office showroom.
SENSO office showroom.