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DMX Services

Senso realizes the importance of having proper set-up and functionality of our DMX products, which is why we are offering quality, and reliable DMX services straight from the manufacturer. Our qualified personnel have hands-on knowledge of our Senso product. We 100% ensure the project is done correctly, reducing problems/ errors as well and minimizing delays. These DMX services are intended for but not limited to Senso RGB, RGB+W and Color tuning LED products. Rely on your manufacturer for purchasing, set up and effective operation of DMX products. Choose the best instead of outsourcing.


We provide custom programming development based on requested scenes from the client or end user. Providing a pre-programmed DMX controller allows for easy on site installation and set-up. Mockup demonstrations of custom scenes prior to shipment that allows end users to confirm scenes are as requested and offer fine tuning on program. Since we store secure copies of all customer programs that are developed, we are able to edit and provide additional scenes to existing projects.

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With the commissioning of SENSO DMX product it makes sense to have a representative of SENSO Lighting commission your fixtures. With our familiarity of SENSO product we can provide a pre-commissioned product prior to shipping where your fixtures are individually addressed and tested. SENSO also provides on site commissioning which includes the review of wire terminations addressing, visual testing, on site functionality and scene walkthrough. Choosing SENSO guarantees the job will be done right with reduced delays.


If end users are interested in becoming more involved with their DMX system or just want the ability to edit or update their programs, we offer training sessions for the complete DMX system. With DMX training, participants involved will be familiar with all hardware that they will be using including the addressing and setting of decoders. A basic tutorial on DMX software which includes scene building, program operation, hardware manager, and scene triggering. By the end of the training session the end user should feel comfortable in their abilities to operate the software, create/edit scenes, and program the controller. training sessions can be setup as individual one-on-one training or small group training sessions.

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The feature rich STICK-DE3 DMX controller has been designed to provide a control solution or the most demanding projects which anyone can use. Integrating a colour display and touch sensitive colour wheel with control over intensity, speed, and scenes provides easy, user friendly control. With standard DMX connection, optional ethernet/wifi control and the ability to store 500 scenes makes it the most desirable and dependable controller on the market today.

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