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Senso has been growing steadily over the last 5 years and as part of our development we have created a state of the art testing facility within our factory. As a company it is important to us that our clients have the most current and accurate information about our fixtures. With the development of our testing lab and the instillation of a Goniophotometer, we are able to provide on-demand absolute photometry testing.

When using the cutting edge Goniophotometer, the test fixture is mounted in its operating position while a CCD camera, photometer, and spectrometer move on two finely controlled axes around the luminaire. The captured ray data is then transformed into a far-field luminous intensity distribution, which can yield absolute photometry IES files, complete LM-79 test reports, and accurate Spectrometer measurements, including CRI and CCT.

Conventional methods use relative photometric testing where the light source is tested separately from the fixture and the result is then multiplied by a lamp factor for each individual luminaire. This produces an IES file that might not accurately represent the light output and efficacy of the final fixture. For SSL sources, the light output is dependent on the exact fixture and its temperature characteristics. Senso’s IES files are based on absolute photometry where all combinations of reflectors and lumen packages are tested in each specific fixture. These absolute photometry tests produce an exact “real-world” measurement and results in a more accurate lighting design for our clients.

Senso prides itself in producing quality light and industry leading customer support. With our new facilities and testing capabilities we able to accurately quantify the quality of our product as well as support to our customers with on-demand testing services.

SENSO Goniophotometer testing lab, featuring a 4 foot Vesta 1 direct/indirect fixture.

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