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The quality of light is critical, whether it be a flexible linear product, module or LED board. Senso lighting spends a great deal of time researching and sourcing the best LED options for all of our fixtures. White light, color consistency and luminosity are important factors to consider when selecting our LED sources.

Xicato, being an industry leader in cold remote phosphor technology, is an integral partner of Senso lighting and we are able to use all of Xicato’s modules throughout our various families of fixtures. Durability, aesthetics and economics are key measures of Xicato superiority in the market place. By intergrading Xicato modules into our cutting edge designs we ensure that our fixtures provide the highest quality of “lit up effect”.


Xicato Standard Series is designed to provide functional light with accurate color rendering and superior color consistency. It is a excellent choice for any application.


The dilemma has been natural light or efficient light. Halogen, the standard bearer for natural light, provides inviting and comfortable light that is desired in the home and professional spaces. But with a short lifetime (2000 hours on average) and terrible efficiency, halogen is the target of regulators and anyone responsible for sustainability. Xicato knows that LED technology delivers efficiencies that are far superior to halogen and a lifetime that would be measured in years not hours. Xicato’s color scientists, engineers and innovators have solved the problem of how to deliver high quality, natural light that is efficient and long lasting. The solution is the Artist Series with a 98 CRI rating.


The world of color that we see and experience is not limited by eyesight, but also by the light that illuminates the objects we are viewing. For most of us, the experience of viewing objects under halogen light is the primary reference, and from a color rendering perspective halogen light gets near perfect marks on a CRI scale of 100. It feels natural to us.

Color scientists at Xicato have invented a new form of light that has a higher color gamut index than most other light sources. This new light, called the Vibrant Series®, enables us to see colors, hues and tones, particularly for whites, reds and blues, that are real, but simply aren’t visible under halogen light. This new light creates a vibrancy effect that’s clearly different and based on independent test, preferred by many shoppers and lighting professionals.


Xicato Beauty Series features Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology® which makes it possible to precisely tune the spectrum to deliver extraordinary clarity and fidelity with a warm, flattering ambience that is perfect not only for cosmetics concessions, but also for many other retail and hospitality settings where people are the focus.

Skin tones are complex and unique to every individual, with elements like skin coloring, freckles, hair, veins and fine lines contributing to a person’s complexion. Finding the right light source that is both accurate and flattering to various skin tones is therefore a challenge.

The true test of skin tone rendering is at the cosmetics counter, where lighting must be optimized for the often conflicting goals of providing comfort for customers, while making it possible to match cosmetic foundation colors to skin tone. Effective branding requires an environment in which customers feel good about themselves and leave with a strong positive impression. Matching is critical for ultimate customer satisfaction and to prevent wasteful and expensive returns.

TM-30-15 is a new method for quantifying color-rendering properties of light sources that was recently published by the Illuminating Engineering Society. It distinguishes both color fidelity and color gamut and provides a framework for interpreting Chroma and hue shift associated with light sources.

Color rendering limits our perspective of possible color to the reference colors that comprise the scale. Today’s color rendering index (Ra) is like a paint pallet of 8 pastel colors. Imagine instead that you had a pallet of 99 different paints. With these newly available colors you can create greater detailed and more vivid interpretation of the objects or space you are lighting. By adding more colors to our pallet we are increasing our color space, which is called the color gamut area—which can be measured for any given light source. This will enable you to use the TM 30-15 measurement tool to select a lighting source that will show more depth and richness of objects within your lit up space.

TM 30-15 allows us to measure both the Rf value and the Rg Gamut value, taking full advantage of the true colors available to experience. Here at Senso, using our Goniophotometer we will provide TM 30-15 reports on request and as needed while the new technology is being adopted and used to its full advantage.