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All about XIM, part 2

Controls and dimming

Set the mood. Lower the lights. Or crank them up. Maybe you want to automate specific scenes or time lighting changes in advance. Xicato’s XIM module offers exceptional controls for its smooth dimming experience.

Senso Lighting is a big fan of Xicato, and so for part two of our five-part series on the XIM module, we’re focusing on its superior dimming and controls.



First, the quality of the dimming is important. Xicato offers affordable, quality dimming that is deep and smooth, with no flickering anywhere in its dimming range. Robust dimming capabilities offer almost limitless options: whether it’s to create ambience in your home, light up a performer on stage, or create the optimal mood for your business, dimming can do the job.

Just as important, XIM modules can be programmed to different scenes throughout the day based on your changing needs. Adaptive lighting customizes your lighting design to a range of different uses, and also provides excellent energy savings.



XIM modules offer three different control methods: standard 0-10V dimmer switches, networked DALI control, and Bluetooth. Each module comes with an integrated 0-10V or DALI driver, and both have the Bluetooth control option available.

With DALI controls, you can automate dimming with more complex capability, such as scenes and timed lighting. You’ll also be able to connect other DALI fixtures to your main controls, giving you easy access to your entire lighting network.

Bluetooth control eliminates all control wiring: all you need is an iOS device. Using the control panel on a laptop with a USB dongle, you can group fixtures, set scenes and maximum intensities, and see lifetime operations of individual fixtures. Because you can easily configure modules individually, Bluetooth control cuts programming costs significantly.

Reaching Farther

Bluetooth control is limited by signal strength, and Xicato has a solution for controlling lights across large areas. The Xicato Gateway acts as a boosted signal that can reaches farther than a standard Bluetooth driver. To cover large distances, combine multiple gateways—you can control them all through a single laptop.

Have a large-scale project? Senso can provide on-site commissioning of Xicato Gateways.

Stay tuned to learn more about Bluetooth and Beacon technology in our next XIM module post.