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All about XIM, part 5

Module Analytics

Knowledge is power. That’s true in all areas of life, and it’s true of the technology we use for our lighting solutions. For the final instalment of Senso’s five-part series on the Xicato XIM module, we’re looking at its ability to gather and analyze data.

XIM-openOver the past few months, we’ve shared some of our favourite aspects of the XIM module, from its superior dimming and controls, the exciting opportunities of its Bluetooth beacons, and the power of its sensor capabilities such as motion detection and daylight harvesting.

All of these features are enhanced by XIM’s on-board sensor and microprocessor, small but mighty components that store operational data. This smart technology monitors and records the status of the module’s hardware, allowing you to evaluate performance over time. If anything is running at less than optimal standards, the sensor and microprocessor will be the first to know.

For example, XIM’s analytics are able to inform you of any LED failures, colour shifting, or fading. Because the microprocessor is constantly collecting data, you can pinpoint where things went wrong, making it easier to find a solution or optimize performance. This is just one more reason we love XIM here at Senso—the confidence that your lighting module is top-notch at all times, along with the data to support it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Xicato’s XIM module as much as we enjoy working with it! Be sure to explore our earlier articles all about XIM: