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All about XIM

part 1: introductions

Just as delicious meals come from high-quality ingredients, good lighting design relies on the best hardware to illuminate your space. That’s why Senso Lighting is a strong supporter of Xicato LED modules—we use them whenever possible!

Xicato’s XIM module is one of our favourites. With an integrated driver, this LED module is Xicato’s solution for intelligent lighting. Producing 100+ lumens per watt at operating conditions, XIM offers the best colour consistency in the industry, and a colour temperature range from 2700K to 4000K. Available in 19mm and 9mm, XIM is a perfect fit for elegant designs that wouldn’t suit bulkier options.

It gets better: the XIM module’s on-board sensors and microprocessors store data by the hour, and XIM self-adjusts to avoid overheating. Able to connect with Bluetooth, DALI and standard 1-10V dimming, XIM offers smooth, deep dimming 0.1% to match changing needs throughout the day.

And XIM is here to stay. Its future-proof platform, including Bluetooth, sensors, programming tools and gateway, allows for expanded capabilities as technology evolves.

All that to say, besides high performance, reduced energy costs and enhanced aesthetic appeal, XIM is simply one darn clever module. No wonder we’re such fans!

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