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Happy Holidays from Senso Lighting

Light Eternal: Happy Holidays from Senso Lighting The world sparkles during the holidays, from downtown light displays to decorated homes, from the Times Square ball to the champagne toasted on New Year’s Eve. With the exception of that last example, you can see how lights can lift our spirits during the colder months of the […]

Facing Flicker

Facing flicker: scary consequences, smart solutions A floorboard creaks somewhere in the attic. You glimpse luminous ectoplasm flitting from room to room. Strange moans permeate the night. And every evening, your lights flicker ominously… If your home is haunted, Senso Lighting can’t help much with the ghost. As for the flickering light, however—that we can […]

Senso Gives Back: The Calgary Gators

When Senso Lighting specialist Dylan Halliday isn’t providing top-quality lighting control services, you might find him on a football field, helping the Calgary Gators glide to victory as a defensive back. The team competes as part of the Alberta Football League, and is striving to secure their fourth league championship. This year, Dylan approached Senso […]