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Happy Holidays from Senso Lighting

Light Eternal: Happy Holidays from Senso Lighting The world sparkles during the holidays, from downtown light displays to decorated homes, from the Times Square ball to the champagne toasted on New Year’s Eve. With the exception of that last example, you can see how lights can lift our spirits during the colder months of the […]

Facing Flicker

Facing flicker: scary consequences, smart solutions A floorboard creaks somewhere in the attic. You glimpse luminous ectoplasm flitting from room to room. Strange moans permeate the night. And every evening, your lights flicker ominously… If your home is haunted, Senso Lighting can’t help much with the ghost. As for the flickering light, however—that we can […]

All about XIM

part 1: introductions Just as delicious meals come from high-quality ingredients, good lighting design relies on the best hardware to illuminate your space. That’s why Senso Lighting is a strong supporter of Xicato LED modules—we use them whenever possible! Xicato’s XIM module is one of our favourites. With an integrated driver, this LED module is […]

The Redesigned Leto 11 Collection

A STRONGER DESIGN The Leto 11 starts with a heavy gauge aluminum extrusion. As with all SENSO fixtures it is built to stand the test of time. Internal parts have been machined for tight tolerances and exceptional fit. The powder coat provides you with a tough scratch resistant finish and a modern aesthetic. Engineered stainless […]

Senso Gives Back: The Calgary Gators

When Senso Lighting specialist Dylan Halliday isn’t providing top-quality lighting control services, you might find him on a football field, helping the Calgary Gators glide to victory as a defensive back. The team competes as part of the Alberta Football League, and is striving to secure their fourth league championship. This year, Dylan approached Senso […]

Making Light Human Again

Making light human again: human centric lighting, colour tuning, and smart lighting Imagine that a room’s lighting can change to match your desired mood. Do you want to be productive? Creative? Focused? Calm? Or maybe you want to be able to control your lighting for maximum energy efficiency? All of these are possible with the […]


Happy birthday to us! 2017 marks Senso Lighting’s 10th anniversary of providing inspiring lighting and exceptional customer service. Here’s a look back at the journey that led us here. Founded in 2007 by Rolf Hurbin, Senso found early success when its Pure fixture uplighter won the IIDEX NeoCon Innovation Gold Award. “I always wanted to […]

Introducing The Rest of the Vesta Family

Introducing the Vesta collection from SENSO… combining functionality with a bold look, Vesta’s versatile design provides continuous, even lighting for spaces of all sizes. The Vesta 1 family is an elegantly tapered extrusion with a gasket end-cap to ensure zero light pollution. It can be easily installed as a suspended fixture, or surface mounted to […]

Designing Faster And Smarter With 3D

Senso has been recognized for its intelligent lighting designs that are both attractive as well as highly efficient. This outcome is due to our extremely dedicated design team, and in-depth design process. To allow our design team to produce better products, Senso has invested 3D printing technology. Bringing this technology in-house enables us to visualize […]