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Happy Holidays from Senso Lighting

Light Eternal: Happy Holidays from Senso Lighting

The world sparkles during the holidays, from downtown light displays to decorated homes, from the Times Square ball to the champagne toasted on New Year’s Eve. With the exception of that last example, you can see how lights can lift our spirits during the colder months of the year.

Of course, at Senso, we think about lighting year-round, and we’re proud to say that 2017 has been one of our most productive years yet. We rolled out our redesigned Leto 11 collection, after investing a year’s worth of prototyping, testing, and production of the popular series. We also introduced the Artemis collection, a brand-new line of downlights.

These product developments occurred on top of the many fascinating projects we undertook this year, designing custom, energy-efficient lighting solutions unique to each client. Some of which include:

Salomon Ski and Snowboard shop in Whistler. Featuring a full complement of Helios track fixtures to light their entire store.

solomon solomon

Scotiabank Digital Factory. With Vesta 1 pendants and Leto 11 fixtures.

Mount Pleasant School. With a complex application of multiple Vesta 1 System configurations.

2017 wasn’t all about products, though—Senso was also glad to give back to the community by sponsoring our employee Dylan Halliday’s football team, The Calgary Gators. The team played a great game this year but fell short of the championship—although it wasn’t through lack of cheering!

The holidays are a time to slow down after a busy year—a time to be merry and relax with our loved ones. From everyone here at Senso, merry Christmas and happy holidays! We wish you a restful and luminous holiday break.

See you in 2018!