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Making Light Human Again

Making light human again: human centric lighting, colour tuning, and smart lighting Imagine that a room’s lighting can change to match your desired mood. Do you want to be productive? Creative? Focused? Calm? Or maybe you want to be able to control your lighting for maximum energy efficiency? All of these are possible with the […]

A Case Study in Customization

At Senso, we love your problems. Why? Because we love finding solutions. Senso is committed to providing lighting that perfectly match your unique spaces and needs: that means customizing, not compromising. Here is just one story of how Senso re-designs products for unusual applications.   At the end of April, a Senso client requested a […]


Happy birthday to us! 2017 marks Senso Lighting’s 10th anniversary of providing inspiring lighting and exceptional customer service. Here’s a look back at the journey that led us here. Founded in 2007 by Rolf Hurbin, Senso found early success when its Pure fixture uplighter won the IIDEX NeoCon Innovation Gold Award. “I always wanted to […]

Introducing The Rest of the Vesta Family

Introducing the Vesta collection from SENSO… combining functionality with a bold look, Vesta’s versatile design provides continuous, even lighting for spaces of all sizes. The Vesta 1 family is an elegantly tapered extrusion with a gasket end-cap to ensure zero light pollution. It can be easily installed as a suspended fixture, or surface mounted to […]

Designing Faster And Smarter With 3D

Senso has been recognized for its intelligent lighting designs that are both attractive as well as highly efficient. This outcome is due to our extremely dedicated design team, and in-depth design process. To allow our design team to produce better products, Senso has invested 3D printing technology. Bringing this technology in-house enables us to visualize […]

New Location Grand Opening Party

We are inviting our supporters, friends and industry leaders to join us for an evening of stampede fun. We have a live performance by singer Shannon Smith, exciting games with hourly prize draws and a grand prize, Senso tours to explore our newly improved facilities, and catered dinner with wine and beer. Come and have […]

The Goniophotometer

As a company it is important to us that our clients have the most current and accurate information about our fixtures. Senso prides itself in producing quality light and industry leading customer support. With our new facilities and testing capabilities we are able to accurately quantify the quality of our product as well as support […]

HELIOS 1. One fixture, many possibilities!

We designed the fixture that does it all. Each project has different requirements and choosing the right light for the right application is important. HELIOS 1 is compatible with all XTM and XIM modules available in a package that includes all the features you are searching for.   HELIOS specifications: Cast aluminium Powder coated Wide […]