Precision Lighting is a British manufacturer with a proud legacy of collaborating with architects, lighting designers, interior designers and end-clients to deliver architectural luminaires and lighting systems that represent a fusion of optical excellence and aesthetic appreciation.

Our attention to detail drives us to create best-in-class lighting solutions, with a focus on delivering highly efficient, elegant luminaires without compromising on the demand for outstanding optical performance. From concept design through to prototype engineering, and delivery of finished product, our in-house London-based R+D team is committed to the development of luminaires and systems that deliver for specifier and end-users alike.

This passion extends to Precision’s bespoke service offering, where our design team collaborates with our customer base to develop truly unique architectural lighting solutions for a range of applications.

Precision recognises that lighting performance is key for any application, which is why our luminaires are designed for superior beam quality, and thanks to our carefully selected LEDs, offer exceptional colour rendering. In addition, we understand our clients need flexibility when planning lighting scenarios, which is why all of our fixtures feature interchangeable beam angles with a choice of distributions.

Addressing the need for luminaires and systems compliment designers’ interior vision, Precision’s luminaires are designed to a minimalist aesthetic, and with a range of finishes and mounting options, they offer seamless architectural integration.