Slide Slide Black Lens Our Black Lens was designed to add a sense of elegance to our linear product line even in an off state. Created for the Dagger, Dao, and Stiletto product lines the Black Lens features endless possibilities. leto 44 Mini Senso by Luminii has expanded its popular Leto 44 collection to now include a small-scale alternative. Meet the Leto 44 Mini – designed to give more variety and options to specifiers and architects across commercial and residential markets.
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Specification-Grade Directional Downlights, Pendants, and Track

Black Lens
Fully Illuminating Black Diffusing Lens

The black lens is designed for linear Dagger lights, along with its sister fixtures, the Dao and the Stiletto. When the light is off, the black lens has a matte finish that hides perfectly in dark environments like restaurants and theatres, or provides a striking, artistic effect as a high-contrast feature line across your ceilings and walls.

Leto 11
The Lighting Industries Favourite Pendant!

With SENSO’s superior fit and finish, European influence, and years of design experience, the Leto 11 is a masterpiece of lighting design. Having been remarked as the perfectly sized pendant is no accident. We take our time in the conceptual process to ensure that every dimension and every angle is pleasing to the eye, from a distance, and up close.