Dynamic Color

Whether it’s natural or artificial, the quality of light we’re exposed to can have a dramatic effect on our productivity, comfort, mood, and over all health. Depending on the time of day, color temperature in a space plays into how we experience the environment. Because most of us spend the majority of our time indoors at home and work, it’s important that artificial light sources achieve a color quality that closely matches light found in nature. Dynamic color options help architects and lighting designers address this by giving them the ability to control the light output as well as the spectrum to create one of a kind indoor light environments that fit any application.


Warm Dim

As humans, we’re naturally drawn to warm light. It gives us the feeling of calmness and relaxation, prompting us to slow down. Just as our daily activities vary from dawn to dusk, so does natural light, gradually getting warmer and more amber in color as the sun goes down. Warm Dim LEDs allow light sources to dim to warm hues without sacrificing color quality replicating natural light. Compatible across our entire product portfolio, Warm Dim technology is the designer’s ambient solution for applications including Residential, Restaurant, Hospitality, Spa, and Wellness.


Digital Multiplex, or DMX, products control complex lighting configurations needed for settings like theatre or stage lighting. Given the many variables involved, you need every element to be precise.

At SENSO we understand the importance of having proper set-up and functionality of DMX products, which is why we offer quality and reliable DMX services straight from the manufacturer.

Our experts have hands-on knowledge of our products, and we guarantee the project is done correctly the first time. Our DMX services support RGB, RGB+W, and dynamic color LED product lines and are suitable for other projects as needed. We are here to support the purchasing, set-up, and effective operation of our DMX products from start to finish.

Vesta Occupancy & Daylight Harvesting Senso-R

The Vesta Sensor is an easy way to add occupancy sensing and/or daylight harvesting to the Vesta product line. Multiple connectivity options and customizable parameters make for convenient energy savings. The Vesta sensor gives you personalized options and direct control over light fixtures allowing you to set, change, and interact with sensing parameters through the field apps. Using Near Field Communication (NFC) and Infrared (IR), interfacing with the sensors is simple giving you access to all basic and advanced features straight from a smartphone. The Vesta Sensor can also be controlled manually with compatible wireless switches.

  • Compatible with all Vesta models
  • Occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and task tuning in one device
  • Scene setting and occupancy sharing
  • Control using NFC or IR via Field Android apps
  • Passive infrared occupancy sensing type
  • Auto on/off, Manual on/off, Manual on/Auto off Occupancy mode
  • Background and task level group lighting behaviour
  • Zigbee and IEEE 802.15.4 wireless protocol
  • Max 33ft line-of-sight distance switch to fixture
  • Max 40ft line-of-sight distance fixture to fixture
  • 1 sensor per 16 feet direct or 1 sensor per 8 feet direct/indirect

SENSO + CASAMBI Wireless Control Integration

Casambi integration with SENSO product lines opens up a new stream of possibilities for lighting control. Casambi provides a simple and economical way of adding wireless management to our entire product line. Casmabi offers a versatile range of adapters allowing for fixtures to be controlled with a tablet, smartphone or smartwatch via an easy-to-use app and Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE). Once set-up, the smart features of the system are replicated in every node weaving a system with no single point of failure. This means connection to a single fixture will control the entire system. Wireless mesh networks offer more broad range of functions like grouping, granular colour manipulation, and scheduling and can be scaled to be as simple or complex as your needs require.

  • Groups: Fixture grouping with simultaneous and individual control
  • Scenes: Set fixture parameters to suit a mood and initiate with one tap
  • Gallery: Map fixtures to a photo or floor plan
  • Color: Comprehensive RGB, color tuning and dim to warm control
  • Hierarchy: Manual and automated overriding allowed
  • Timer: Schedules can be set based on time & date
  • Day & Night: One time location retrieves local sunrise and sunset times
  • Scalable: Network based for unlimited expansion throughout a project

Power Over Ethernet (POE)

The backbone of smart buildings.

Beyond any considerations of cost and efficiency, light fixtures powered by PoE can be paired with sensors, wireless communication modules, and embedded processors in smart hubs. With a Power over Ethernet smart building platform like Nexos, building designers can capture the benefits of a structured cable system while still layering on Bluetooth, beaconing , and Zigbee systems. With Nexos, everything connects in one system for a streamlined experience.

For electrical contractors, this smart building technology offers a wealth of opportunities to streamline building automation, enhance building efficiency and provide value-added expertise and services. PoE technologies and PoE devices are delivering cost savings, easy installation, and enhanced flexibility to projects of all sizes.

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Lutron tunable white and static white LED drivers provide the most reliable, high-performance dimming and color shifting, are guaranteed to work with Lutron controls,

Experience incandescent-like dimming with Soft-on, Fade-to-Black technology. Lutron LED drivers, offer the flexibility of zone-control with 2-wire or 3-wire dimmers or individually addressable fixtures with EcoSystem digital control.

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eldoLED is a world leader in the design and manufacture of intelligent drive solutions for LED-based lighting systems. Their technologies empowers us to deliver the promise of LED lighting: smarter, sleeker, and more efficient systems to meet the needs of an ever more energy conscious world.

  • Controlled automatically with the specially designed night light
  • A clinically validated light protocol that unites considerations for the patient category and the rhythm of the ward
  • Ergonomic light settings adapted to the users’ needs
  • User-friendly control panels, such as touch screen or push button
  • A fully integrated circadian rhythm solution with high operational reliability

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