Our Team Is Committed To Providing The Best Possible Lighting For Your Environment.

For more than twenty years, founder Rolf Hurbin has been dedicated to providing flexible, environmentally conscious lighting solutions. SENSO works directly with designers, architects, engineers, and clients to develop a range of fixtures for any design plan. With extensive experience in LED, SENSO offers modular technology, boards, RGB and flexible linear or linear boards–the right light, and the right fixture, for any space.

Senso found early success when its Pure fixture uplighter won the IIDEX NeoCon Innovation Gold Award. “I always wanted to be in control of the design and functionality of the product,” says Rolf, whose career began as a lighting engineer in Europe. “I had a strong desire to have a manufacturing facility of my own, to create jobs and build a company for the future of my family and employees.” From 3 employees in 2007, by 2017 SENSO has grown to over 45 employees with hundreds of clients and thousands of jobs completed throughout North America.

We moved into a 26000 square foot building and invested in several state-of-the-art labs for design, development, testing, and manufacturing.

Locally Made,
Globally Focused.

SENSO head offices, warehouse, and manufacturing are all based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are proud to offer high- quality, Canadian-made products backed by exceptional customer service.

As proud as we are of our entirely in-house operations, that doesn’t mean we aren’t part of the global lighting community. LED technology has made incredible advances in the last 10 years, such as the efficiency of LED fixtures which has continued to increase dramatically. This means that for every watt of power it is possible to get more light out of the fixtures than ever before. LED modules are now consistently performing well above the 100lm/w threshold.

The color rendering index of the LED module continues to improve. The old standard used to be CRI 80 however a shift is occurring where CRI 90 is becoming the new norm. As technology continues to improve and more and more markets switch to LED demand is increasing and prices are continuing to fall, making LED lighting more economical than ever.

At SENSO we have been at the forefront of these changes, creating industry-leading fixtures and designs. SENSO works closely with our partners to develop all of our product lines with the highest-quality components, creating the advanced designs customers expect.

Our Mission:

To light your world with custom solutions that are beautiful, economical, and sustainable.


We take an artisan’s approach to our technical and aesthetic design – every detail matters.


With Senso, you’re part of the family – we always go the extra mile for our customers and employees.


We stay up to date with the latest technologies to provide exceptional, environmentally friendly, top-performing products.


We believe in being honest, open, and accountable.


We believe in working together – the best solutions come through collaboration.


Our actions today affect the world tomorrow – we believe in environmentally responsible solutions without compromising quality.