At SENSO, we pride ourselves on investing in the latest technology to keep our product quality high. Our latest acquisition is a state-of- the-art resin machine. With it, SENSO can now encapsulate solid linear fixtures of up to three meters with an innovative chemical-resistant polymer. The resin prevents LED yellowing and aging and increases durability without interfering with light output and colour temperature. Ideal for environments that can be tough on lights, such as outdoor uses or floor installations, SENSO offers resin coatings in clear and frosted resins, in both standard and hard rigidity.

The LED encapsulation equipment has been tested and studied to ensure it stands up under all conditions. Using Continuous Vacuum Technology, the resin produced by the equipment will always set up perfectly, avoiding bubbles and moisture marks on the final product. Bringing this machine into our facility at SENSO means we will be able to offer an outstanding level of LED profile performance at the demand of our clients.

Soft cured resin

Don’t let the name fool you—soft-cured resin is tough as nails, if not tougher. Ready for the outdoors, soft-cured resin resists rain, snow and direct sunlight as well as intense conditions like hail and acid rain. The resin is also thermal-resistant against drastic changes in temperature. It is impervious to chemicals like detergents or disinfectants, and won’t deteriorate, disintegrate or discolor.

Hard cured resin

Hard-cured resin maintains all of the same outdoor-resistant features as soft-cured resin, and acquires extra physical resistance as well. Abrasion resistance keeps the resin intact even after it endures wear, impact or heavy pressures. It will stand strong against vandalism and can resist fire and ignition. The hard resin allows any profile to be floor-mounted.

Top Layer

The top resin layer of the wet-rated Cutlass acts as the lens and first line of defense for the LED.

Fill Layer

The fill layer of the wet-rated Cutlass fully encapsulates and protects the LED strip. This fully sealed layer is able to maintain light quality without any color shift. The fill layer will not yellow over time and will keep perfect CRI and color consistency over the lifespan of the LED.